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Start your own business with a Lil’ Bubba curbing machine!

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Why Choose Our Concrete Curbing Equipment?

The Concrete Edge Company is quickly approaching two decades of experience in creating concrete landscape edging and manufacturing commercial curb equipment.  The Award winning Lil Bubba® EP is the industry leader with the only lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.  Garden borders and concrete edging equipment are at the forefront of the landscape and decorative concrete industry.  This very profitable business has low initial start up costs and is easy to learn.  Our proven systems and highly rated training courses with lifetime support will help you quickly begin producing durable and beautiful concrete borders.  Your customers will love the product and you will love the profits.  Let us show you how to turn a few dollars for materials in the morning into a healthy profit by the end of the day.

Lil Bubba® commercial concrete curb equipment and landscape edging equipment are the easiest and most efficient decorative concrete curbing machines on the market.  Lil’ Bubba® owners enjoy more profitability because the equipment will handle residential stamped curb, landscape edging and 24”-36” walkways as well as industrial and commercial curb applications with extreme efficiency. Watch the Lil Bubba EP Difference video and you will see why our unique Extreme Plunger (EP) drive mechanism and durable construction sets the Lil Bubba® line of curbing machines apart from its competitors.  Profits of Lil’ Bubba Curb equipment owners are maximized with faster installation, more durable and better looking results, and very little equipment maintenance.  The unique heavy duty drive system also eliminates the need for costly undercarriage and plunger changes every time you change curb sizes.  There is Nothing Lil’ about a Little Bubba.
To purchase heavy duty Lil’ Bubba® landscape and commercial concrete curb equipment, use our online store or call one of our customer service representatives.  We have over 200 commercial products including concrete color additives, tools and concrete landscape edging equipment, as well as complete curbing business package options.  

Let us prove to you that the Lil’ Bubba EP Curb Machine is the ultimate workhorse by allowing you to run the Lil Bubba EP machine side by side against competitors’ machines.  Call for a free demonstration at our headquarters in Orlando.
Our customer support is second to none.  Our Lil’ Bubba Product Specialists are curbers with years of experience that care about you and the industry.  They even offer their own personal cell phone numbers to provide the ultimate 24/7 support to accompany the best built machine. Not in the landscape or commercial curb business yet? Take a look at why the Lil Bubba® line of commercial concrete equipment and garden border edging machines are the right choice for you. We offer training classes in both English and Spanish, with flexible financing and exceptional customer support.  We understand what it is like to start your own business and we are here to help you.  Call us today and we will give you the answers you need to overcome any hurdles and get you on the road to concrete profits.

Have questions? Browse our FAQ area. Click on the customer support link, or give us a call.  One of our knowledgeable and experienced bilingual product specialists will be happy to answer any question you may have regarding your landscape and commercial concrete curb equipment needs.

Our office hours are from:
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM , Monday through Friday EST
Direct: 407.658.2788


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