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Lil' Bubba® Introductory Curb Installation Class

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Lil' Bubba® Introductory Curb Installation Class

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Professional Curb training is the most important part of successfully starting and operating a profitable Curbing Business.     Lil’ Bubba Curb Training will eliminate the worry of launching a new venture. All Lil’ Bubba® Training is conducted by experienced professionals with decades of experience starting and supporting curb installers.

Beginning at 7:30am on almost every 2nd Thursday is the Introductory Curb Installation Class. This is an absolute must for all new Lil’ Bubba® Curb machine owners and their crew. The one day introductory class includes landscape border layouts and design, operation of the trencher, Curb Mixer and the Lil' Bubba® EP curb machine including various attachments such as the Cable Feeder. You will learn how to create the proper sand/cement/water mix ratio for curbing and how to prepare colored CurbMix using the Lil Bubba®  CurbColor pigments and Antiquing  Powders. You will learn how to operate the curb machine to minimize hand work with the finishing trowels, basic and advanced stamping techniques and how to clean up the jobsite and equipment. The class also covers important topics such as mix additives and UV    CurbCure 350.  The class concludes with the presentation of Lil’ Bubba® Certified Installer Certificates between 4:00pm and 5:00pm

Training videos are supplied with all equipment and are quite useful to train on your own; however, there is no substitute for hands-on training with a professional installer for a faster and easier start. After purchasing training, refresher courses and staff training is available at half price. Ongoing technical support is always available 8:00am to 5:00pm EST, Monday through Friday.