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Color Guard+, 1 Gallon

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Color Guard+, 1 Gallon

Product Details

High Performance Color Enhancer, Compaction Aid and Efflorescence Reducing Curb Mix Admixture

  • All new formula with much improved performance.
  • Economical - 1 Gallon treats over 1000ft of Curb Mix.
  • Now in Stock at the Lil Bubba Online Store

Use Color Guard+ for:

  • Reduced efflorescence
  • Better color distribution
  • Reduced color bleeding
  • Less fading of curb
  • Closer textured, smoother and more uniform surface (improved curb finish)
  • Better “green” (early) and ultimate strength of curb
  • Improved curb durability and life expectancy
  • Good hydrophobic properties with reduced water absorption
  • Higher water repelling action
  • Optimized compaction of concrete curb mix
  • Increased cement performance

Color Guard+ is a 100% active, liquid admixture designed to chemically react with the calcium salts found in the concrete Curb-Mix. Color Guard+ disperses throughout the mix and fills and coats the capillaries, making it difficult for water to contact the water soluble salts in cement, sand and pigments. The effect is to enhance color, allow better workability of the concrete and reduce cracking. Designed and specially developed for use in Lil Bubba zero slump Curb-Mix the ColorGuard+ admixture is added during the mixing process after 75% of mix water has been added. 


Recommended dosage rate of Color Guard+ in Lil Bubba zero-slump Curb Mix is just 2 fl.oz. per 47 lbs of cement. (Per 47lb curb mix.) Using the convenient pump each mix requires 2 pumps. (Pump Dispenser supplied when you order 4 x 1 Gallon)