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CurbFilm - 1 Gallon

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CurbFilm - 1 Gallon

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A revolution in concrete curb finishing.

Better Troweling – Better Color – Better Stamping – Better Curb

The Magic Curb Finishing Aid!

  • Have you ever had trouble troweling a dry curb mix?
  • How can you re-wet a dry curb without damaging the color?
  • What can you do to reduce surface cracks and easily smooth the curb?
  • Do you often wish you had more time to trowel the curb on a hot day?
  • Why does curbing sometimes develop cracks when stamping deep?

We have the answer to all these problems with our revolutionary Lil’ Bubba CurbFilm™

  • Make your trowels slide effortlessly along the curb like they were greased.
  • Finish the curb in one trowel pass for a fast and flawless result.
  • Increase the working time you have to trowel, stamp and seal.
  • Protect your curb colors and enhance release colors with CurbFilm™.
  • Experience the amazing effect CurbFilm™ has on deep stamping and texturing.

Lil’ Bubba CurbFilm™ is a Concentrate - 1 Gallon makes 10 gallons of CurbFilm™ Ready To Use.

Available in either 1 Gallon Jugs or save with a 4 pack of 1 Gallon Jugs.

One gallon of CurbFilm™ will treat 3000 to 5000 linear feet of curb.

Your cost to make curb troweling magic is less than 2 cents per linear foot.

You can’t afford not to use CurbFilm™!

Proprietary formula available only from Lil’ Bubba and The Concrete Edge.