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CurbTough - 1 Gal

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CurbTough - 1 Gal

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Admixture for Lil Bubba Moroccan Natural Stone CURBMIX

Lil Bubba CurbTough is a special green liquid additive which reduces shrinkage and cracking while enhancing cohesiveness, toughness and final strength of very low slump concrete curbing mix as required for concrete curbing.

CONTROLS SHRINKAGE CRACKING – Water is held in the curb particularly in hot windy weather. More flexible and cohesive concrete for extreme techniques like those used in Moroccan Natural Stone curb.

INTENSIFIES COLOR – Streaking, variation and efflorescence are reduced with more uniform color through-out curb. Better adhesion of secondary color antiquing powder.

FASTER FINISHING – More workability with reduced troweling and finishing. Less voids and imperfections initially for faster curb installation.

REDUCES FREEZE/THAW DAMAGE – Adds Colder climate protection with “Closed cell” make-up of concrete allowing less water or chemical intrusion into the surface of curbing.

DOSAGE -  Add CurbTough at the same time as you add ColorGard+ before all the water has been added to Curbmix. Always add some of the water to the mix first. Do not add CurbTough to dry materials. Use the convenient Lil Bubba 1oz Pump Dispenser to dose 2oz per 47lb bag cement. (2 pumps with convenient Lil Bubba dispenser in 1 Gallon Jug)

Biodegradable – Earth friendly Green – Safe to use

CurbTough™ Proprietary formula only available from Lil Bubba and The Concrete Edge.