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UV Curbcure 350 - Low VOC Same Day Curing Sealer - 5 gal

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UV Curbcure 350 - Low VOC Same Day Curing Sealer - 5 gal

Product Details

DESCRIPTION:   UV CurbCure 350™ is a very high solids, styrene-acrylic copolymer cure and seal. It is designed to be applied to concrete curbing immediately after installation and properly applied will help control efflorescence. This unique clear, solvent based concrete curing sealer has been developed specifically to protect Lil’ Bubba colored and textured concrete curb. Applied as per directions, UV CurbCure350™ will achieve a highly protective and long lasting decorative finish and will assist the concrete curbing to attain maximum mix design strength.

High Gloss -  High Solids -  U.V. Resistant – Non yellowing


·         Formulated at reduced V.O.C. levels specifically for use in the O.T.C. region states  (30% solids. )

·         Gives curbing (and all concrete surfaces) a “wet look” finish

·         Enhances the colors in curbing and protects pigment from fading

·         Helps concrete curbing to cure correctly for maximum strength

·         UV inhibitors protect finish against sun degradation

·         Protects curb from efflorescence and damage from chemicals or “de-icing” salt attack


This is a Hazardous Material.

Economically, the best way to ship this product is by freight carrier in multiples of 4 or more or by bundling this product with CurbColor.  Special Handling required during shipment results in additional fees which are determined at time of shipment.  

Shipping single units of this product via UPS/FedEx will require a commercial address and will incur an additional HAZMAT charge of $40 per pail.