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Handtool Package

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Handtool Package

Product Details

The Handtool Package includes the following:
4 x 5 Gallon Buckets
Large Pointing Trowel
Small Pointing Trowel
Joint Cutter
Site Protection Tarp
Aluminum Straight Edge
Flexible Bender Board
Antiquing Powder Remover - Blower
Wheelbarrows (2)
Curb Mix Spade
Sand Bin Shovel
Trench Shovel
Trench Rake
String Line
Heavy Duty Water Hose
Spray Nozzle Grip Pistol
Water Cooler
Knee Pads
Deluxe Shade Umbrella for Trailer
Rain Protection System
Traffic Cones x 2
Cement/Tool Storage Bins with Lids
Joint Knife
Trailer Protection Tarp
Pack of Tarp Tie Downs
Contractor Broom
Cleaning Bristle Brush
Ratchet Tiedowns
CurbCure Funnel
Safety Gas Can
Stabil Fuel Additive