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Aluminum Roof-top Cement Caddy

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Aluminum Roof-top Cement Caddy

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Store up to 12 x 94lb bags cement in easy reach of where you use it. No more lugging heavy bags of cement from the tool compartment or from your truck. Just grab a bag from the roof of your Lil Bubba trailer and load it in your mixer. Developed by Curbers to enhance productivity - this cement caddy can be retro fitted to any existing Lil Bubba Trailer in just a few minutes. It can also be ordered as an upgrade for a new trailer and factory fitted from the start. Either way the Roof-top Cement caddy is an amazing addition to any trailer to reduce labor and speed up your daily mixing process. Another great benefit of the Cement Caddy is storage of  two wheelbarrows with a corral and rails for tie downs in front of the caddy.  The caddy features rubber shock latcheds and a a gas shock assisted lift up weather resistant door.